Small Business Contract Litigation Lawyer Columbus, OH

Our lawyers help small businesses with a host of litigation issues, mainly surrounding contracts, loans, and debt defense.

Small Business

Our firm works with small businesses to medium size businesses. We do not accept larger corporations as clients (yes, some have asked) because our business philosophy has been about helping the little guy. We started our law firm as a dedicated consumer-friendly law firm, mainly helping people facing foreclosure. When we realized our litigation ability could also help small businesses, we expanded the practice to include small business contract litigation. Our firm is located in Columbus, OH, but we practice throughout the state.

Contract Litigation

We recognize small business contract litigation can be frustrating, time consuming, and expensive, which is why our Columbus, OH lawyers are careful about our billing. Our goal is to reach your objective while recognizing you need to focus your energy (and money) on your business. Because we have worked so much with those facing debt issues, we have developed a cost-effective billing method to help save small businesses money during contract litigation.


Contract Litigation Experience

Our attorneys have helped over 1,400 people navigate nearly 2,000 legal challenges, almost all of them contract litigation related.

Affordable Litigation

We started our firm defending foreclosure, so we know that small businesses don't have a lot of money to pour into contract litigation. We have affordable solutions.

Small Business

Our lawyers help with small business contract litigation, and pass on major corporate work. It's not because we couldn't help big corporations (we regularly litigate against them), but rather because our philosophy and focus is on people.

State and Federal Contract Litigation

While we focus on small business contract litigation, we regularly file litigation in federal court on behalf of our clients. We understand simple, and complex, contract litigation and can help your small business navigate a resolution no matter where it is filed.

Outside General Counsel Services

Our lawyers are based in Columbus, OH but we help throughout the state. Most courts are online, and most civil litigation does not require in-person court attendance, so your cost isn't higher by hiring Columbus lawyers. Whether you are in Columbus, Oh, or throughout Ohio, our small business lawyers can help.

The small business lawyers at Doucet Gerling are proud to offer quality business legal services and trusted legal advice to small businesses throughout Ohio. Whether you are tackling an obstacle or trying to consolidate your business, we can help. Let us tailor our business legal services to your business’s needs.